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New! Free 15-30 Minute Video HTML Tutorials on Substitute Teacher Tutorial Channel

After years of hesitation, I finally decided to explore the video platform for sharing my tutorials. This time I recorded online HTML tutorial videos that contain step by step "how to" instructions. These tutorials range between subjects on web design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Learn HTML in 14 Minutes
Learn HTML Step by Step Tutorial
Learn CSS
CSS Tutorial
How to Center an Image in HTML
How to Center an Image in HTML
Responsive JavaScript
Learn how to make responsive websites in JavaScript
HTML5 Canvas Tutorial
Learn How to Set Up HTML5 Canvas
Drawing Sprites (gamedev)
Draw Sprites on 2D HTML Canvas with JavaScript
WebGL Tutorial For Beginners
Tile Map Tutorial
tile map tutorial

JavaScript HTML Game Engine Development Tutorials

Learn How to Create Good Websites

The purpose of this website is to provide helpful information about building websites. There are several reasons for learning to make your own websites. A well-constructed website containing useful information can end up being one of the most valuable assets worth pursuing. But making websites is not for everyone because it is a long-term endeavour. While it is difficult to make a great website the rewards outweight the efforts.

  1. Share your knowledge with people all over the world
  2. Create a website to represent your business online
  3. Monetize intellectual property such as website content with web-based ads
  4. Add value to your resume as a Web Designer or Web Developer
  5. Develop discipline and long-term thinking required to run a profitable website business
  6. Challenge yourself by learning and developing skill of writing website code

Is It Possible to Make Money with Websites?

I used to doubt that making money with a website was possible. Today, all of my bank deposits comes as automatic deposits from advertisers or affiliates and it is something I take for granted.

It certainly involves a lot of work and I guarantee that this isn't for everyone, just because of how much time is required to learning the different aspects of running an online business. Not only does it involve web design and HTML programming, but writing, social media advertising, and yes, even doing things in person (going to conferences, networking, and other means of social exposure) for your online website.

However, by following specific guidelines and perhaps with a little patience, over a period of time one can create a profitable website based largely on the amount of traffic it receives.

website make money Thoughts on Writing Original and Engaging Content

Remember that the amount of money you will earn is mutually corellated to the amount of traffic forwarded to your website from search engines and other sites. This means that it is desirable to focus on creating high-quality content that people link to because natural backlinks increase traffic.

Website Tools

The Internet is abundant with information about advanced topics on the subject of creating websites. The quest for learning about making your first website can be a daunting task. The articles located on this website are designed to help you answer your questions related to making websites.

Point and Click Website Template Generator Free, Web-based Website Template Generator   |   Web Design Cost Calculator Web Design Cost Calculator

But Website Homeworktm is more than just articles written about making sites. Throughout this website visitors will find several tools associated with building websites. These websites tools help visitors to calculate costs of developing a website and even create their own website using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) simple point-and-click user interface:

Popular Articles About Making Your Own Websites

Here is a collection of some of the most recent articles about creating your own websites. They cover topics about creating websites from scratch, building and increasing traffic to your website, integrating Google AdSense ads into the template of your website and many others.

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