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Free Editable Website Template for University

Create and customize your own website template for university simply by clicking and choosing options below. This editable template was created to make it easier making websites. This template generator does not pretend to be absolutely the greatest on the Internet -- it is siply designed to enable people make a quick website without the knowledge of website design, CSS or HTML programming.

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How To Use This Template Editor?

Type directly into this template to change any text.

Click on the Generate Code button to create the page.

Upload generated files to your webhost.

Come back to create additional pages.

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Generate HTML files / code for your website template

Click on this button to generate HTML files for your website and upload them to your webhost's root directory.

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In order to use the templates generated with this free web-based website builder you must abide by the rules: all code for website templates produced by software on this page can be copy and pasted to make your own site as long as the footer of the template is left unchanged. The footer must contain a link back to this page.

Create a Simple Website

Review the generic template above which will serve as your starting point. You can modify its layout, colors, font size, background image, etc. by using the provided controls. Once satisfied with the look, click on the Generate button and copy and paste the generated files to your web host. Come back any time to make more websites!

Install this Website by Uploading it to Your Web Host

Because this website uses HTML and CSS code, it can be uploaded to any web server capable of hosting HTML files (that means pretty much any web hosting company). To install this template, simply give the code generated by clicking on the link/button above to your web designer or you can upload it to your web host yourself using an FTP client such as CuteFTP or FileZilla.

You Can Further Adjust Your New Website

The template you just created doesn't have to be the final version. With just basic knowledge of HTML you can customize the appearance of your new website! Freely add new things such as videos or images by embedding them into the code generated by this website template editor.

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