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Adobe Illustrator Free 30-Day Trial Download

Adobe Illustrator is available as a 30 day free-trial download from official Adobe website. I recommend downloading the executable Illustrator from their website.

Last time I looked it up, Illustrator can be obtained from general Adobe downloads page. Simply navigate down the page to find Illustrator CC link next to the Illustrator icon, which will lead you to the free trial sign up page.

Free trial is the equivalent of the full version. It allows you to create and fully save documents in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) PDF (.pdf) Illustrator ESP (.esp) Illustrator Template (.ait) SVG and SVGZ formats, the latter being the compressed version of the standard SVG format.

Adobe also has a cloud platform where you can obtain a license to use Illustrator for a low monthly fee, instead of paying full price. This is what I use for my design work. They often change plans, but at one point they had one for $19.99/month where you could get two software packages of your choice.

Once you have downloaded and installed Illustrator, it is recommended to go through the basic set of Adobe Illustrator tutorials on this website that are designed for first-time beginners. The subjects were chosen based on using the software from scratch and cover common questions that you are going to run into.

After Installation

Adobe Illustrator standard view screenshot with football jersey ai file loaded

Standard view in Adobe Illustrator CC after launching the application and loading an .ai file. On the right hand side, a tree-structure representing layers of the file containing a football jersey design.

After Illustrator has been installed and launched, you will see something similar to this screenshot.

Of course in this example, an existing .ai file has been used for demonstration purposes.

The first thing you probably want to learn is the pen tool, which is the tool that is capable of creating polygonal shapes that can be filled with color (using the fill tool), added border to (also called stroke) of with amount of thickness specified in pixels or filled with a texture pattern that can be zoomed or zoomed out.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool for graphic designers. It demands thinking in terms of geometrical shapes, colors, patterns and colors in a way inherent to its own toolset.

In comparison to Photoshop, it's toolset is superior for working with geometric shapes, creating paths, rectangles, circles and various common shapes involved in graphic design.

Website Homework is not affiliated with Adobe. Simply, this website is a collection of free tutorials with the sole purpose of helping you learn how Illustrator works.

Just the weekly tutorials.