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How Much Does it Really Cost To Build a Website?

Website design can be priced differently by different web design companies. Freelancers offer cheaper services but the quality of your website (just like wine) will be on par with the pay.

You can simply use Web Design Cost Calculator Web Design Cost Calculator which is a free online tool for calculating approximate estimate price of a website by moving a few sliders.

Have you considered saving money by creating a website yourself using a free website template builder? Or you could learn HTML and JavaScript. It's not for everyone, but in just a few hours and a basic text editor you can learn the rudiments.

Hire an affordable independent website designer on Craig'slist or for larger projects hire a web design company. It will be more expensive with them, but in many cases they deliver the work faster than a freelancer.

A diligent and hard working freelancer who is reliable and accountable is hard to find because designers working from home, running their own business usually have to work with multiple clients to remain protiftable.

Full-media web design companies with a team of in-house developers, usually charge more but they do deliver the site faster. However, freelancers can in many cases produce better results, because your experience will be personal and you can communicate directly.

The alternative of building a website yourself for free

You can get a basic website created using a free template generator. Knowledge of web design, CSS, HTML or JavaScript code is not required. But you do still need to know basics of uploading files. Either by using your web host's file manager area in your control panel or by downloading an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software, connecting to your web host server and drag and dropping the files that were generated into the root folder for your website.

By making a website yourself you will thus avoid expenses associated with web design services. But some expenses such as web hosting and domain name registration are unavoidable, and do not necessarily depend on the web design company or freelancer you have chosen. It is your responsibility.

Just know that no matter what route you take, if you plan on hosting your website at an actual web address, you will still have to pay for web hosting fees (about $5 per month but usually charged annually at $60/year or so) and domain name registration fees (between $5 and $20 per year, for .net, .com and .org extensions. Or more for exotic domain extension names like .io, or .re for real estate).

Creating a website quick is important when needing an online presence for the new business you have just started. It doesn't have to be anything complex, just a simple 5-page website. But remember to respect your web designer's time. Because most of the time even putting a small site together takes labor and mental effort.

Ideally, you want to find a web designer who will remain consistent and take care of making sure your website is always online. But this borders on hiring an employee. Start by setting a small goal and remember that it's natural for websites to be improved over a longer period of time. Web design is a service, not a product. Although, often this service is sold as a product.

Free Website Template Generator

Click to change parts of your website, type in new text, and generate HTML code to upload to your host. You don't have to be computer savvy to make your own website using this tool. Please keep the part of the footer containing a link back to the template generator page unchanged. It helps promote this site builder!

Point and Click Website Template Generator Free Web-based Website Maker

Website Costs Calculator

Looking to hire a professional website designer? This web design cost calculator can help you get an idea of how many hours of work you can expect to buy based on the maximum amount of money you can spend. Adjust cost per hour slider to dynamically recalculate results.

Web Design Cost Calculator Web Design Cost Calculator

If you are in the process of, or had just started a brand new business, you are likely to want to build a website for it to represent it on the Internet, get more sales, or simply look more professional by being able to post your website on business cards and by forwarding potential customers to a place where they can quickly learn more about your business.

Website design costs are associated with type of website you want to build

You can find out and determine how much a website should cost by following a few basic principles. Please keep in mind that prices suggested in this article are general and not definitive prices, but they are pretty close.

Consider the general elusiveness of website designers and how they come up with their prices. For the most part anyone can make them up. For this reason be careful not to spend more money than a specific type of website design actually costs.

Please do your research and always respect your web designer's time and efforts! It's possible to assume that something very difficult to make could be a simple "copy and paste job", just because the web designer is quick to deliver it. Don't underestimate the work, just because it was done quick. It can sometimes also mean that the designer you found has the experience and knows what he is doing.

The purpose of this article is to help you learn the approximate ballpark idea of how much a website could cost. Then you can decide whether you are ready to invest that amount in order to build the website of that kind.

The costs of a website will almost always depend on the difficulty of work. A dynamic website that has custom features (as opposed to just a simple static HTML website), requires custom software programming and writing computer code.

Expect to pay more for websites that contain custom functionality such as log in accounts, categorized product listings, ability to purchase items using PayPal or credit cards via an IPN script, etc.

Every web designer charges at different rates based on his knowledge, skills and experience. Before rushing to spend a fair amount of money on developing your website, please make sure to calculate the estimate using Website Homework's free website cost calculator located on this website. This free online tool providers an easy way to determine website design costs.

This article will also outline the common mistakes people make when they decide to make a website for no other reason other than "Just because my business needs a website" You would be surprised to know that most websites, once designed, never receive a substantial amount of traffic because they never become popular.

People who have little experience and who are building their first website end up spending too much money on a website thinking that once it is created, people will visit it. That's not always true, and without any type of marketing or even basic search engine optimization (SEO for short) it will be difficult to receive more than 1-5 daily visitors, if that.

Of course, if your business is based on networking, and you are in constant contact with your customers, its good to share your website URL on your business card with them, after completing the job.

But without organic Search-engine optimized traffic flowing to your website, your website will be missing on great opportunities for making more sales from people who type keywords into Google search engine. Usually these are the local customers who look for your services online.

The article on Website Homework, Learn How to Build Website Traffic is focused on doing just that. You can learn about SEO techniques, and edit your HTML files yourself. Or hire a professional web designer to quickly optimize your web pages. Just keep in mind to keep the text organic and natural. Same as if you were actually talking to a person visiting your website, not just using a bunch of keywords in hopes it will make a difference.

Continue to add new pages and edit older ones with updated material, adjustments to the text copy of your message and monthly updates. Just in case if the information has become outdated, or simply needs to be more precise. Precision and variety of keywords you use, as long as they are honest representation of the services you offer is the best thing you can do. Don't overload your website with keywords just because they are popular. Be specific to the services your business actually has expertise in.

Making websites is not like changing car engine oil, there is simply no holy grail for determining the website construction costs. However, by using the Website Design Cost Calculator located on this website, it is possible to get an insight on general ball-park pricing for websites.

Keep in mind that depending on the level of experience and the business model, the website designer of your choice will be able to quote your project individually, specific to what you are trying to achieve. I know it sounds like it's just a website. But there are many decisions that you will face in order to determine the costs.

Some designers will charge 30% to 50% of the total price upfront. Others will not ask for a payment until you are satisfied with what they have built. Some website design companies will even provide you with financing options, but I don't see that very often.

1.1 Simple 5 page website: between $400 and $500

If you are starting a website with a mission to show a small presentation of your skills (e.g. real estate broker, restaurant catering services, an art gallery, church, or a non-profit organization...) your website falls into the category of simple websites that can be built relatively quick.

Let's say you want to showcase your art gallery or the ideas behind your business and explain why people should contact you. A website like this could contain just 3 to 5 pages with a few images and a contact us form. Websites that cost just a few hundred dollars are usually followed by maintenance fees because you will eventually want to change things like text or pictures.

The alternative to this is to use Wordpress. It's a website blogging platform that has themes you can purchase. Or even ask your web designer to install and set it up. This usually doesn't change the costs, as the developer still needs to be paid for his time.

You can go ahead and install Wordpress on your own. GoDaddy even offers this service with their web hosting packages. But, there is some learning curve involved, especially in making sure your filesystem has correct security settings. For example files belong to the proper web host username, and some of the permissions are set to 0755 in Linux operating system.

These tasks are usually already accomplished by your web hosting set up, but just in case something stops working, the file permissions or incorrectly set up MySQL database are the common troublemakers.

1.2 A website that costs between $800 to $1,000

Generally you may think that you don't want to spend this much on web design. This is especially true if you're simply looking to build a basic business presentation. However, dropping a $1000 on web design is a wise decision, because usually designers who offer it for that and more generally deliver a better product.

As with anything, if you wish to spend a small amount of money on making a website, which is possible, be prepared to also face the fact that you will most likely be working with designers who don't value their own services themselves.

Also, in modern web design the number of pages, whether it be 5, 10, or 20... will no longer increase the costs of the web design service. This is because many websites are now built on top of a platform such as WordPress. Which has a template that can be reused for creating as many pages you wish by clicking a few buttons, and changing its content.

The site content is the information about your business, articles or details on the subjects chosen by you. It's always best if the content is prepared and presented by you, to the person or the company who will design your website, upfront ahead of time. This communicates that you are ready and serious about building a website and not simply shopping around for the best deal possible.

Remember that web design is a service. Designers who offer it as a product often fall into "the product never finished" trap. As a customer, it is important to understand this to avoid misunderstandings. Usually the upfront 1/3 or 1/2 deposit you make is used to cover the initial 2 or so weeks of service, not to design "33%" or "50%" of the website. Because, if you think about it, nobody can truly determine what "half of a website" really means, because it's an ongoing service, where the designer will write HTML code and spend hours of time making critical decisions.

A website in this price range will usually have an awesome slideshow using high-quality stock photography or ones created by an in-house photographer (which is the option I recommend, if you can afford it.) It should be responsive (which means it will be available for viewing accurately on screen resolutions of any device, such as iPhone, Android, iPad or tablets.) In essence, you are getting multiple website layouts, each of which will fit any screen resolution by providing a custom design for each. Simply "scaling" the website isn't a professional way of handling this problem.

1.3 Flash-based websites are no longer built

When I first wrote this part of the article back in 2009, Flash websites were still popular. However, they are now superseded by HTML5 and JavaScript (ES6). Chrome browser no longer supports Flash and Apple deveices never supported flash. For this reason, many website owners who had their sites designed using Flash, are now looking to rebuild them using HTML5.

If your website is fully done in Flash, it's required that you redesign it right now. Because it will no longer work at all on some of the devices and some popular browsers.

If you are looking to build something more advanced than the average website, for example: a website that uses Flash graphics, picture galleries, animations, fade-in and fade-out effects applied to pictures to create pretty slideshows, I recommend finding someone who can build it using HTML5.

In the past Flash design was often more expensive than moist, because it provided interactive animations with effects like image fade in and outs, zoom ins, and different transition effects. At the time of this writing in 2016, you can now do all that in HTML5, and it will work on all platforms, including Apple iPhone, which is not the case for Flash.

The reason for this is that Flash has security vulnerabilities and is often used for making ads. In fact, that is how it started, as a program for making animated ads. There are still games being made with Flash SWF files, but even the game industry is now switching over to JavaScript canvas development. The canvas tag is part of HTML5 specification.

With the recent advances (this article was written in 2009) in web technologies it is now possible to create Flash-like websites without using Flash. Other code libraries such as jQuery, Prototype, Node.js, Angular.js and Meteor.js could be used to create sophisticated web platforms that work on a live server.

Effects and user interfaces, fade in, fade out and image sliding effects can now be easily achieved by using simple HTML tags in conjunction with jQuery, which is written in the Javascript language.

If you ever wonder how something was done on another website, right-click on an element on the website and on the pop-up menu click "View Source", or "Inspect Element" (in Google Chrome.) You should see the code and libraries that were used to create that effect, bys imply analyzing the listed source code.

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